Guys, meet my new best friend.

I won him from a crane game in a crappy hotel game room on Sunday.

Easily the most derptastic thing I’ve ever seen. You’ll notice that his face is kind of misshapen. Also he has no back legs. And doesn’t sit up.

I’ve been affectionately calling him “Half-Cat.”

21, Massachusetts, female. Interests include: The Killers, corgis, Miyazaki films, tumblr (duh), guinea pigs, Scott Pilgrim, poetry, Pepsi, pretending to be funny, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, scattering legos on the floor as you sleep, plotting the downfall of the Canadian empire, leading the next robot revolution, secretly being a 200 year old space giraffe, and wondering how many people actually bothered to read this far. Hey there, you. Good job.

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