Do you guys remember THIS POST from a few weeks (months?) ago where I told you about the derptastic pink plush cat I won in a skill crane game which I’ve so fondly named Half Cat?

Well I just thought I’d let you know that after some intense peer pressure and a few crucial moments of bad 4am decision making, I’ve created a blog dedicated to Half Cat (and his friends!). It will focus mostly on Half Cat as he tries to function normally in the world and his inevitable failures. I haven’t posted much yet, but will be in the future.

You should check it out.Or at least tell someone you don’t like that it’s awesome.

21, Massachusetts, female. Interests include: The Killers, corgis, Miyazaki films, tumblr (duh), guinea pigs, Scott Pilgrim, poetry, Pepsi, pretending to be funny, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, scattering legos on the floor as you sleep, plotting the downfall of the Canadian empire, leading the next robot revolution, secretly being a 200 year old space giraffe, and wondering how many people actually bothered to read this far. Hey there, you. Good job.

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